Poor But Not Poor-Poor

Life's simple pleasure: Vanilla Incense
Life’s simple pleasure: Vanilla Incense

Today was the first day of summer school for Luke. When he came home, he told me he was the only student prepared for the day with a back pack and school supplies like paper and pencils. I wonder how many of those kids’ parents can’t afford back packs, paper, and pencils.

We struggle financially – as in we don’t have money for extras – but we aren’t poor-poor. To me poor is the way I grew up where your parents can’t find money to get you new shoes even tho you really need them or when you have to wear too-small clothes to school because your parents can’t afford clothes that fit you. We may¬†shop at thrift stores, but I only buy clothes that are new with tags, or obviously new without tags for the kids. I save up and wait for end of season sales for new-new clothes. Sometimes, albeit rarely, I can even afford brand name clothes for the kids if I find a good sale.

For all my frustration with money, I can afford necessities. Even though I fret about how I’m going to pay off the $700 car repair bill, the $250 AC repair bill, and the $$$ we’re going to have to pay to fix the leaking plumbing downstairs, at least I can afford essentials. At least my kids don’t go without.

Tomorrow will be Luke’s first day of summer school with glasses. This is the first pair he’s needed. He chose a pair that he likes and I’m ok with, but I’m worried his glasses won’t be in style and other kids will tease him. Please please PLEASE let other kids NOT tease Luke about his glasses.