Amazing Wedding was Amazing

The wedding was awesome. Most everything went as planned. Jonathan’s best friend from out of state showed up and surprised him at the venue. The kids were super happy. A friend of mine brought a tiny flask labeled “liquid courage”. My best friend Lea brought some Firefly for Jonathan since Jonathan’s super hero nickname is Anxiety Man. The fascinator I made the night before the wedding turned out unexpectedly well.

We had dinner with friends afterwards at one of my favorite restaurants. The kids didn’t like the restaurant, but hey, they’re kids.

Gustav (the Intolerable) managed to keep his mouth shut, fortunately. Jonathan was too busy being happy to pay attention to Gustav. The worst thing Gustav did was buy us an ugly green sheet set. Crisis averted.

Everyone present helped with everything. It was AMAZING.

Luke and Oliver have been at my house since 10A Thursday and are still having a great time. We’ve done tons of exciting things, played with the cats and dogs, gone out places, played with the neighbor children, and inspected some interesting fossils. Yesterday everyone stayed up really late so everyone (except me) is in a grouchy mood today. No more staying up past 11 for Luke and Oliver. Oh. My. Word. Such bad behavior. Maybe I should suggest an earlier bedtime for Jonathan too. He’s grumpy with grumpy sauce today.

Gustav the Intolerable

Jonathan and I are getting married tomorrow. My best friend Lea is in town and unfortunately, her boyfriend Gustav came with. Gustav was supposed to be traveling to Mexico but wasn’t well enough to travel after recently having minor surgery.

Gustav is a generally unpleasant fellow who feels he is more entitled and intelligent than everyone in his presence. He’s rude. He talks down to everyone. He tells his brother Clint that I let my cats pee all over the house and that my house hasn’t sold because there is cat dander in the heat registers. Gustav once asked if he could purchase a dog then give the dog to me to train until the dog was fully trained at which time it would be returned to him. As you can see, Gustav is chock full of stupid ideas.

Jonathan really doesn’t like Gustav because Gustav illustrates exactly the way Jonathan doesn’t want his children to behave.  Now, Gustav is coming to our tiny secret wedding. There’s nothing I can do to stop it unless I ban Gustav. Banning Gustav would prevent me from visiting Lea since they live together.

What a mess.

Jonathan’s Ring and the Wedding Dress

Here is Jonathan’s wedding ring. Yes, it’s inexpensive. Jonathan is a carpenter and destroys jewelry. Instead of getting a tungsten carbide or titanium ring which could cause him to have a finger amputated if his hand is injured, I went with safer stainless steel.

Here is my wedding dress. It’s blue lace and perfect for a courthouse wedding. Did I mention I never wear light colors? No? Well, I never wear pastels or white in “real” life. It’s just not my thing. My favorite color is black followed by dark blue and/or purple.

I need to decide if I have time to make fancy hair accessories. I need to get shoes for Luke and Oliver….I need to alter Jonathan’s and Oliver’s suits. I need to determine how to make a wedding appointment at the courthouse (because they can’t just put than info on their website or answer my question via phone – that would be too simple!). So, yeah, still plenty to do.