Who Are These People?

Jonathan – My (second) husband. We’re married. We live on a mountain in the woods. He works in construction.

Luke – Jonathan’s oldest son. While Luke is technically my step-son, I consider him my son. Luke is in middle school, has a penchant for the dramatic, and struggles with anxiety and depression.

Oliver – Jonathan’s youngest son. Also technically my step-son but considered my son. Oliver is in upper elementary school and is cheerful and energetic by nature.

BioMom – Luke and Oliver’s mother. Jonathan’s first wife. BioMom seems to get herself into more trouble than she can handle and she chooses to see Luke and Oliver only 1 day per week. I wish BioMom treated Luke and Oliver better. I also wish BioMom would keep herself out of trouble. Neither wish seems to be in the cards, unfortunately.

BigDog – Our 90lb lab. He’s a giant, goofy, ball of unconditional love and happiness…and drool.

MedDog – Our medium size 50lb dog. She’s a rescue with a history of abuse. She follows me as though she is literally my tail. Jonathan often gets frustrated with MedDog because she only listens to me and sometimes rams into his legs in a misguided effort to get out of his way.

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