A Macbook Pro…Amazing

I’m sitting in the living room of my house. My very own house. I just received a Macbook Pro of my very own. I own a Macbook Pro.

When I was 18 I moved into my first apartment after a year of being homeless and my friends built a computer out of spare parts for me so I could work on college papers. The power button was a switch and wires duct taped to a long cord that hung out of the case. The spare parts computer was one of my two most valuable possessions the other was a brown leather jacket I bought 3yrs earlier.  Now I own a Macbook Pro…and a house.


2 thoughts on “A Macbook Pro…Amazing

  1. Love this story of how you’ve come up in the world. Congratulations! As I type this I have my ‘new’ dog lying beside me. He’s a 2 year old rescue and seems very happy snoozing on the rug at my feet while I catch up on my followers. So, seems both of us are happy 😉

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